Lassonde Pappas

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The original request was to help Lassonde Pappas with selecting and framing art for their Carney’s Point, NJ Headquarters. The intention was for the artwork package to relate to the materials and products of the Lassonde Pappas brand. In this request, Contract Environments saw the opportunity do to something more. The resulting installation is engaging and powerful; both an upgrade to the quality of interior space and a lasting representation of the brand for employees and customers.

Three large scale wall graphics were sketched, designed, and perfectly executed. Each one with a different purpose. The company’s history is depicted on a timeline at the entry to the Boardroom. In the Lobby the “Mission Wall” encapsulates the values and mission of LP. Finally, a display wall presents products to visitors – as if you were in the supermarket ready to reach on the shelf and grab your juice.

The installation is an example of how Contract Environments makes it a point to learn our clients business and respond in their best interests; looking for opportunities to spread their corporate message in a tangible, far reaching manner.

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